200 HR YTT- Join Us!

200 HR YTT- Join Us!

Have you ever thought about Yoga Teacher Training?  Are you wondering what it’s all about? Not sure if you want to teach yoga or deepen your own practice?   Is there something inside you that is yearning for transformation and growth? Are you wanting to get to know yourself better?  Are you ready to explore what your truest authentic self has to offer? Are you ready for a life change?  

Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or new to yoga; our 200 HR YTT fully immersive training program is designed to help guide you through all the above question, deepen your own practice, equip you with the knowledge to share as well as teach what you learn and guide you through the philosophies of Yoga off the mat!  After all, yoga is not just about the Asana practice. It’s not about whether or not you can do a handstand under a waterfall whilst pouring a glass of wine, wearing the perfect yoga outfit and posting a picture on IG. 

Yoga is your prescription to a better life filled with connection to your truest most authentic self.  The Yoga Junction’s philosophy is that safe spaces are needed in order to explore outside of our comfort zones. We want to provide that space for you to explore what your yoga looks like.   

Join us for this life changing experience February 2023.  email us at info@theyogajunction.com

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