2020 in Two Words; and it's Not F*#@ You!

2020 in Two Words; and it's Not F*#@ You!

Well, its officially over...2020 that is!  Everyone couldn't seem to be happier to say goodbye to this shit show of a year.

From Politics (If we can even call it that anymore), to radical public displays of the racism that still runs rampant in our society; to the epic destruction of our only planet and the fight over climate change and whether it's real (WTF?); to a global pandemic. The list goes on...

Can you describe 2020 in 1 or 2 words?

There seemed to be one negative thing after another this year, or at least that's what was highlighted by all the media.  It's all everyone seemed to be able to talk about, write about, think about...it has been exhausting both physically and emotionally for so many.  I know I certainly felt ALL THE THINGS AND ALL THE STUFF!  There has been so much division (and wine consumption)! But; if I'm totally honest, I also have a profound sense of gratitude for the year 2020.  I learnt a lot about myself and those around me. 

I learnt that I should always take the time to show and share my gratitude for anything that inspires me to feel those feelings, because I may not get the chance when I want to.  And more often then not if I shared my thankfulness then it seemed to ripple out and that offered comfort and relief.

* If it's "just" a good cup of coffee/tea or glass of wine that comes from the neighbourhood coffee shop/pub.  I mean I stopped in there whenever I wanted to before....BUT this year they have been closed more often then open thanks to Covid!  So, when I am able to go back...man will I be excited.  I will make sure to tell the owners...so that they know how much I appreciate their shops and all that they are doing to stay open going forward!  

*Seeing my BEST friend and family...Man o Man do I miss them.  I have never used FaceTime so much in my life.  But thank GOD there is FACETIME, it has helped me stay connected to the people I care about and haven't been able to see in person.

*The BADASS women in my life who are raising families and running businesses...who pivoted without giving into the fear of the unknown...OH how you have inspired me to stay sane.  To keep hanging onto what we believe in and what we love to do.

*The healthcare workers who have been so over worked and have been literally face to face with this pandemic and all its ugliness.  

*The old friends who I have reconnected with because we have all finally "found the time" to sit down and call.

*The extra time with kids, doing schooling from home, although not what any of us would have thought to be ideal...has turned out to be pretty alright! 

*The back yard or house projects that have been on that "Honey Do"list forever and are finally complete cause of the extra "work from home time".

*The Pets that have been adopted.  There has never been happier pets...all the extra time with their humans have done them and me so much good!

 I know that there are even more examples but my point is; It took me a while after being wrapped up in all the negativity to see the positives...until I actually sat down and thought about it, talked to others and heard similar comments.  So; in the midst of all the Memes, punchlines and swear words when asked to describe 2020 in two words, I realized that at first it may have started with an F... but actually to sum it up best, the words I came up with were THANK YOU!

Like they say "hindsight is 2020".

Looking forward to staying connected with you through 2021.



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  • Lois Jones

    Nice message. Time is precious A waste it wisely
    I am needing some Jess time

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