creator of The Yoga Junction, RYT 200, She/Her
Jessica Jacobs

Jessica Jacobs, President and the creator of The Yoga Junction, has experienced many transitions within her yoga journey and after practicing for over 20 years has come to realize that there is no “right way” to do yoga and we ALL deserve the chance to discover & explore what yoga is to us. We all deserve a safe space, community & connection.

Throughout her life there has always been an unconscious undercurrent of sharing, connecting, learning and teaching. Following a trip to Bali, where she obtained her International Yoga Certification, she realized how prominent the desire for connection was in her life. Through The Yoga Junction, she enthusiastically shares her passion with you.   

Connecting to the energy of love and authenticity at their core is a passion for Jessica, and through her passion she shares this experience with you through The Yoga Junction.

Certified Yoga Teacher E-RYT 500, Reiki Master, She/Her
Erin Macaig

Yoga Teacher, Mentor, Reiki Master and Compassionate Communication Facilitator

“The practices of Yoga are gentle daily reminders to me to live in the potential and beauty of my life.

Through the teachings I continue to grow and evolve; I am humbled and overjoyed that I have been given the opportunity to be part of the community at Yoga Junction and offer these same practices that opened my heart to others who are on the journey to release the old stories of judgement and walk the path of self acceptance, authenticity and real meaningful connection.”

RYT He/Him
Anton Edwards

"By your stumbling, the world is perfected." -Sri Aurobindo

I truly stumbled onto the path that is yoga.

I was invited to a class by a close friend of mine and fell in love with the practice shortly after. It was my first time in a yoga studio and being your somewhat stereotypical young man with a healthy competitive appetite. I pushed myself to keep up with the class. I left that class feeling exhausted yet relaxed, glowing with energy and craving more but with the utmost respect and admiration for the practice of yoga. I had never experienced something so physically and mentally demanding yet so peaceful and relaxing. As I continued to grow on the path that is yoga, I was inspired by the Vedas, Upanishads, The Yoga Sutras, and the wealth of life knowledge that is Ayurveda. I now dedicate my time to furthering my understanding of the intricacies of Ayurveda and Yoga to teach the communities I’m am blessed to be a part of how these two practices can benefit them.

Certified Kundalini YT-220Hr, Reiki Master Level 3, Certified Animal Therapist, She/Her
Rosi Piszar

Coming from a background in gymnastics, I was drawn to yoga, as it gave me the physical challenge I was used to. Practicing all types of yoga for over 20 years, I was searching for a more spiritual connection within. Kundalini yoga was introduced to me 7 years ago. In the first class I was overcome with joy that I had found my practice. I have always loved nature, the forest and all of earths creatures. Led me to become a carpenter, certified Animal assisted therapist, and Reiki Master. While teaching kids gymnastics I was presented with opportunity to take kundalini teacher training close to home and I jumped in with both feet. Teaching at the studio where I was studying, a deeper connection was found within myself. Being a mother of 3, I have enjoyed teaching children gymnastics, yoga, meditation and reiki. Through the eyes of children we are transported back to a time of pure joy and innocence. I look forward to holding space for you while you experience your further awareness and love of yourself as you are in the present moment. Through breath work, postures and sound therapy with gong and sound bowls.

200 HR RYT, Prenatal Yoga, Reiki Level 2, she/her 
Kristen Edison

The ease and flow of Asana (yoga in the physical sense) came easy to me. Growing up a dancer, movement was an innate way of expression. What kept my attention and discipline to the mat was how yoga left my over active mind feeling refreshed and energized. In 2016, the studio where I held a dedicated yoga practice announced they were offering a Yoga Teacher Training. A convenient coincidence that was, as it came to me during a moment in time where I intuitively knew I was in search for more connection - in need of a deeper spiritual shift. Yoga has been a powerful tool for my self study. This journey through movement and mindfulness exposes parts of us that we often work hard to repress and bury. Yoga makes us feel not only the good happy joyful feelings but helps us work through the dark and sticky turmoil that we all carry. Yoga has given me strength and courage, it has taught me how to become present, quiet the chatter of my mind and live more authentically. To be in a position to share a valuable teaching, such as yoga, is truly a gift. Looking forward to connecting with you on the mat. 

Certified Breathwork Guide & Life Coach She/Her
Eva Cool

 Eva has spent the last 5 years sitting across countless individuals experiencing the most challenging chapters of their lives. During that time, the immense effect these stressors had on those she encountered, became very evident. She would hear them verbally process their pain but saw the physiological effect as they continued to carry it within them. She then experienced Breathwork for herself and knew she needed to educate herself around that and share the life changing benefits with others. Since then, she has shifted her focus solely on Stress Management utilizing Breathwork to physically release the pain we carry in our body. 

Eva is passionate about authentic human connection and believes it is as vital to fully living as food and water. Her mission is to create space for others to genuinely connect to themselves and those around them.  

Registered 200 Hr Practicum Teachers

Jamie Young

Recent graduate from The Yoga Junction 200 HR RYT program, Jamie offers "Yoga for everyBODY". Her aim is to ensure that all people visiting her classes feel included and welcomed no matter their age, gender, race, size, shape, background, and fitness level.

Heather Jonker

Recent graduate from The Yoga Junction 200 HR RYT program, Heather is looking forward to sharing her Restorative Yoga offerings with you.

Kerry Young

Recent graduate from The Yoga Junction 200 HR RYT program, Kerry wants to help others live better in their body and maintain their mobility for life.   She hasn’t focused on a specific style of yoga, She believes no matter the style She can help people focus their mind, breath, increase their strength and flexibility/mobility.