Life is a process!

Life is a process!

I think life is a process. You start; you grow. Then you grow some more. Then that person or stage dies. Then a new you and new life or opportunity is born. It's an evolution of both the physical and the consciousness mind. If you look at history; whether you believe in creation or evolution; it always starts with a seed or an organism which grows or evolves. For example a seed grows to a sprout which grows into a flower. Then goes back to seed. The process begins again.

It's always been about the process and the unfolding of that cycle. Just like us, we are on a journey of growing, unfolding and becoming more conscious, more compassionate. Ever evolving. It is a life long process. There is an old Chinese proverb I love that says..."The journey is the reward."

As we learn; we grow and as we grow we evolve, making the changes we need to continue to thrive. This is when Life gives us opportunity after opportunity to ask the question, "Is this my truest self? Am I living authentically?" Becoming conscious means to recognize when these moments arrive and in turn preparing for the upcoming evolution of self.

"I have a number of different callings. And I think it's possible to be called away from things i have been called to in the past. There are goodbyes as well as hellos in our callings. Because a calling doesn't have to be for a lifetime." - Barbara Brown Taylor

Self discovery is a process, just like Life. Be gentle and kind with yourself as you go through this process. Nurture yourself as you would that seed; that sprout; that flower. Surround yourself with like minded people and a supportive cultivating environment that will also help the growing process.

"If you have life, you have purpose. If you have life, one drop of life. One. That is enough. One atom is as purposeful as our planet. What is in one is in the whole. It can't be otherwise. It cannot." -Caroline Myss

If you haven't heard it lately, I'm here to tell you that you are beautiful, you are worthy and you have many gifts that add value to this world. Thank you for being you!

Stay connected and remember to trust the process!



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