All you have to do

That is what showing up for yourself looks like.

Yoga does not define The Yoga Junction. The Yoga Junction is defined by the yoga lifestyle.

The itineraries are set, however activity participation is optional with the intention that you choose what makes you feel good. Let’s break free of routine and support each other in our journeys.

May-October 2021
Break Free - A Womens Weekend

Join us on these all inclusive weekend retreats from May - October 2021. Welcoming fellow yoga teachers and facilitators, together we will enjoy gourmet meals prepared by a private chef, yoga and meditation offerings, an outdoor adventure, games and campfires, and a private shopping experience that will support local artisans.

Set yourself free. Liberate yourself from societal perceptions. Break free.

The Yoga Junction

Water Valley, Alberta


My best advice is... go to a retreat! You go to a beautiful place, do some yoga, have free time, eat meals and connect with other amazing women. Show up for yourself. Be your own best friend.


To say the retreat was anything short of amazing would be an understatement. I learned that yoga is much more than being able to touch your toes. It’s connection, and about living life with intention. It about breaking free!  The entire experience felt very therapeutic for me and I believe others felt the same. Jessica was an incredible host and support. Stacy is hands down the best yoga instructor I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I 100% recommend doing this for yourself. You won’t be disappointed you did...

Kayle Jayne