Yoga Play Lab

Yoga Play Lab

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We invite you to join in on an afternoon of playful expression in yoga.  Explore different aspects of yogic play that will get you moving, breathing, resting deeply and reflecting intimately.

We will create a rounded practice with:
-breathwork to both up regulate the nervous system to get you going, and down regulate the nervous system to drop you into the restorative branch of your nervous system.

-movement from yoga and dance to facilitate the exchange of Prana, or vital essence.

-techniques from shamanism, chi-gong and other yoga adjacent modalities.

-hand pan sound bath and restorative yoga for a complete system reset.

-community check-in Q&A

Bring a journal, pen, yoga mat, and wear comfortable clothing to move in.

The hand pan drum is tuned to 432 hertz and like all drum music, has the potential to bring you into a state of deep relaxation.



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