Yoga for Pelvic Floor-Intensive Workshop

Yoga for Pelvic Floor-Intensive Workshop

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Feb 17th 2:00-5:00p.m & February 18th, 9:30-12:00, & 1:00-3:00 p.m. (1-hour break for lunch)

An opportunity to dive deep (no pun intended) into yoga for pelvic floor health.  This 2-day workshop offers students an opportunity to explore a holistic approach to pelvic floor health that incorporates all aspects of the practice of yoga.  

Modules will include:

  • Get to know your pelvic floor - Practices to enhance awareness.
  • Stand like a Mountain - The foundation of good posture and breathing for pelvic health.
  • It’s all connected! - Pelvic floor as part of our global core
  • Yoga postures that address both hypertonicity (over tone) and hypotonicity (weak)
  • Mind/body integration – A practice of deep rest and listening to our bodies
  • How to develop a home practice that is tailored to your unique circumstances.

No yoga experience is required. The ability to come down to the floor is helpful, but sensitivities with joints can be accommodated so everyone is comfortable.

Instructor: Sherry Norman, Yoga Therapist and Pelvic Floor Yoga Teacher 

"For much of my life I ignored what was going on “down there.” My pelvis had been whispering to me for years, but it wasn’t until it started to scream that I finally began to pay attention. Yoga opened a journey of self-discovery and a practice of deep listening to myself and what I needed. I learned that my body was often trying to say “NO” but I too often overrode that message. As a certified yoga therapist and teacher, I have discovered that many of my students also have “pelvic stories” that need to be heard and healed.  Yoga has a long history as a healing and wellness modality and is a beautiful compliment to other therapies. My pelvic floor workshops are based on my Pelvic Floor Yoga™ Teacher Training with Leslie Howard (Author of Pelvic Liberation: Using Yoga, Self-Inquiry and Breath Awareness for Pelvic Health).  My intention is to provide a safe space for which we can share some of our stories and find a pathway to happy and healthy pelvises."-Sherry Norman